‘Five of Hearts’ – Stories of Love and Emotion

I hadn’t been on the publishing scene for over a year after my first novel, Of Knights and Lilies came out. But earlier this year, I decided to put out a few stories that had been vacationing in my laptop. I revamped them over and over again, and started the process to publish them on Amazon Kindle. Just like the first eBook that I had put out.

Five of Hearts

There are no particular reasons why I chose the stories that are on the collection. Every story that I write is close to my heart in its own way. Yes, there are a lot of what-ifs, but somewhere within them lies something that I identify with. Fortunately or unfortunately, that story isn’t coming out anytime soon!

Here is a short summary of all the stories in the collection, ‘Five of Hearts’:

Always Home: Leena returns from abroad to meet someone after 8 years. While on her way from the airport, she revels in the memories that the city evokes in her. Some make her laugh, some make her cry. But every memory tightens her chest and makes her rue not coming back earlier. While many memories that she remembers are loosely based off my own life and surroundings, the storyline hasn’t got anything to do with me.

Always Home


Inertia: Imaya’s character is loosely based off of myself, but I haven’t got a drop of music in my blood. I sound like a badly tuned tambourine when I talk. Moving on to the story, Imaya is content to be where she is, lounging around in sweatpants over the weekend. But her friends and boyfriend want her to go out more. This leads to an altercation that leading forward, changes Imaya’s life.



Despondent: This story is entirely inspired from some of the cheesy movies I watched and novels I read when I was younger. Reeti is a woman who has low self-esteem and is a pessimist 24/7. She thinks nothing is going to come out of her life. But there is something that’s trying to escape from the tightly shut doors of her heart. Will that something be able to bring her out of the rut?


Reins of Steel: This story is one that will remain close to my heart for years to come, more than any other story on this list. A man, pictured against a stunning landscape, rues over a ruined relationship. A woman is doing the same thing in her room. Both come to realizations that will hopefully bring their lives back to what they were before. But what will they do to repair the wrong?

Reins of Steel


Dream Come True: One of those stories inspired from dream-come-true cheese in movies and novels. Naina and Arjun have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Of course, nothing is going to be as straightforward as that. They are also in love with each other, scared to confess for fear of losing each other. But something happens that tests their relationship. What do they do to? Do they work around it? Can they work around it?

Dream Come True


Every story that an author writes is inspired from somewhere. So is the case with me. I glean inspiration from my own experiences or from those around me. And when I think of sharing these stories with the world, my heart thumps in excitement, because sharing a piece of oneself – however small it may be – is a big deal. What will people say? Will they like it? Would they want to read it? Will they connect with it?

With all these questions crowding the mind, taking a leap of faith is important. And that is exactly what I always do.

Five of Hearts is available on Kindle India and Kindle International at a discounted price at:

‘Five of Hearts’ on Kindle India

‘Five of Hearts’ on Kindle International

It is also available on Amazon sites of other countries for discounted prices!

Thank you for reading the story of ‘Five of Hearts’. If you are interested, please do buy a copy and leave a review! 🙂


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