Making Of My First Novel, “Of Knights and Lilies”

Everyone has a story to tell, irrespective of how they choose to tell it. Some talk, some sing, some dance, a few act, and a lot many others, like me, put it in words.

The moment I realized my love for words, a dream to bring a story out for the world to read took shape. I started writing little poems, essays, and small stories when I was 10. It helped that I was handed down the habit of reading from my father. Soon enough, English became one of my favorite subjects. The reason behind this was simple. It gave me a way to explore my imagination, since I had a pretty vivid one. The endless possibilities of what could be, in the stars that appeared as I closed my eyes, fascinated me.

Soon, my little short stories became a little longer. I was enraptured by the power over the fictional characters I had. I could spin their story into anything I wanted. And though it sounds a little psychotic, I always mean that in a positive way. That’s because I am a hardcore romantic and sad stories break my heart.

It was just as I was finishing my engineering degree more than 6 years ago that I came upon this mushy idea for a full-fledged story. I started writing it chapter by chapter and called it My Knight. It wasn’t too long. 16 chapters and it came to around 85 pages in Microsoft Word, that, too, in a large font. I was mighty proud of this story that I had written. So I saved my work and even got it printed with the intent of sending it to publishers.

Then, Infosys happened.

I joined Infosys in September that year to fulfil my “dream” of becoming a software engineer. My Knight went into the archives – the soft copy in an obscure corner of my computer and the hard copy in an obscure corner of one of my bookshelves. I would chance upon it time and again and reminisce the pride that came with the book’s completion. But I didn’t do anything about it.

4 years later, I crossed paths with the book once again. I felt the same pride – yet again. But this time, I lingered for a longer time, because I somehow knew that I could spin it better. I began rework on the manuscript in late 2014, with a number of changes popping up. The first thing I changed was the title.

My Knight became Of Knights and Lilies.

Of Knights and Lilies_COVER 1_rev2.indd

Sometime in August, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on writing while working at Infy. I was getting quite irritated with my job there anyway. So I decided to quit Infosys and take up full-time writing. In late October, I finished the manuscript – now a 185+ page novel – and began the process of publishing Of Knights and Lilies.

Two months later, my book was live and available for everyone to read.

2015 was a year when two of my biggest dreams came true.

  1. I travelled solo. Even if it was just the journey to the United States where I met friends and made new friends. I did explore two cities on my own.
  2. I published a book.

Holding the first copy of my book in my hand will remain one of the highlights of my life. One of the few proud moments that I hold close. Since then, my book has not gone on to become a bestseller like I had hoped, nowhere close. But it will always be special to me. Because I know the dream that’s behind it. I know the effort that goes in. I know that I might not be in the league of A-list authors, but I’m good enough to be published!

If indeed you are curious about the book that’s my dream, here’s where you can order Of Knights and Lilies:

On Notion Press

On Amazon India

On Flipkart

On Shopclues

You can also find Of Knights and Lilies on and its other international sites.



One thought on “Making Of My First Novel, “Of Knights and Lilies”

  1. Recollections about her first work of fiction has been put in very succinctly by Sonali Dabade. Of Knights and Lilies has made an impact on its readers.


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