The Yearly Ritual Of Celebrating Womanhood Was Here!

Another year. Another day dedicated to women. And yet another instance of the world exploding with wishes for women and going back to being the same patriarchal society it was before.


A lot has happened between the last Women’s Day and this. The country erupted into fierce debates of intolerance that are still going on. In the midst of this craziness, the issues of woman empowerment and gender equality are somehow lost. Why is it that when a woman is the most important and the only creation of God that can carry forward a legacy, she is jeered at, trampled upon, and used like a thing that is dispensable? Her intellect, her strength makes her the world’s strongest pillar. Without her, you wouldn’t have any history. She makes it!

It’s a shame that the world needs to be reminded of that one aspect before it can sober up and behave respectfully. This is applicable to everyone across the globe, but it is especially important that the point is put across in the case of women, what with the number of crimes against women cropping up with an alarming frequency.

I must admit that I foolishly assumed that since the country has had a spurt of awareness, there would be lesser rapes and lesser crimes against women. But every time I read a piece casually describing how a woman was gangraped in U.P. or how a teenage girl was set ablaze in the capital, I am horrified.

Yes, I am adamantly hopeful all the time that common sense prevails. Change doesn’t happen in a day or success doesn’t arrive at your doorstep in a day. Boy, don’t I know that! I know that there are many people of the same mentality as those who advocate the crimes who are still out there. I know it will take a long, long time for the country to become safe. I know that as long as people like Mulayam Singh Yadav and Asaram Bapu in the country, there will not be any significant marching forward in the right direction. Oh, how I wish the world did not have to be so difficult for a woman to live in!

It is not that the world is difficult for me. My sitting in the comforts of my home and write blog posts does not mean that I am not disturbed by what happens to other women.

We are crawling by at a snail’s pace, every hour bringing in news of a cruelty. More than the news that comes to the fore, there are the atrocities that are stamped down upon, some because one cannot reach into the bowels of the country and extract these reports, and some because of power-hungry people and their henchmen.

Amidst all the stigma that befalls the country every time a countryman commits a crime against a woman, there have been incidents that have heartened me each time I see a woman rise above everything, spread her wings and take off with spectacular panache. Every time a woman puts her foot down against injustice, my heart swells with pride. I bask in the glow of being a woman.

But last year saw a certain section of the female community abuse the privileges showered on us by slandering perfectly innocent men. That disgusts me too. Doing that turns you into filth. What is the difference between you and the people who attack us? Unimaginable!

Do not abuse the respect or the privileges bestowed on you, dear women. You who do that, you are pulling back the fight for gender equality and women empowerment by several notches. Stay on the sidelines if you don’t want to fight. Don’t worsen it for those who will benefit from the struggle. Please.

Either way, more power to the fight against gender discrimination!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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