And Another Year Ends!

It has been a week since 2015 ended. A year that before it started was heralded as a new morrow. We entered it with new hopes for the country and for the world, determined to stop negativity from creeping into all avenues of our lives. But how successful were we in taking ourselves to the point where we wanted to be? Personal goals might have been achieved; pride over the accomplishments is not uncalled for. The question we need to ask ourselves is whether or not our individual work has contributed to making the world a better place to live in. Agreed, it is not easy to make an altruistic and a socially responsible splash on the world scene. But we have a choice. If we cannot do good, then we have the option of staying quiet and disallowing negativity from expanding in the country.

Unfortunately for us, 2015 was a year that took us through so many downs that it is hard to count them on the tips of our fingers. Paid media and its selective coverage is still a rampant issue, what with its cries of intolerance still ringing in every corner. The year was purposefully made dark by news channels crying at the top of their lungs of the intolerance. I wanted to hit back with so many arguments that it made my heart burn, but at the end of the last year and the start of the new, I didn’t have to. Their bias and dirty politics was put forth when not a single channel (except Zee News) covered the riots in Malda, West Bengal, when in comparison, they got their throats dry after Dadri happened.

Of course, the issue of intolerance was not limited to these news channels feigning national interest at heart. The return of the Sahitya Akademi awards by scores of artists was in itself an insult to the country that bestowed such honor on them. The reason behind their returning the awards was difficult to understand, seeing that these so-called “intellectuals” saw India through spectacles of religious bias. Journalists being murdered and riots across districts in Malda did not bring about reactions similar to those following the Dadri murder. Why are the other incidents not looked upon with the same passion and hate as the one in Dadri? Why the selectiveness when it comes to supporting people who are wronged? Scores of people have much to answer when it comes to “intolerance”.

At the end of the year, everyone’s only prayer was for a silent exit from 2015. But apparently, that was not to be. Nirbhaya’s sinner was released, much to the shock and disgust of the country. Yes, the juvenile law was strengthened later on, but this only meant that the Members of Parliament failed to pass the Juvenile Law on time. Intentional or unintentional failure to amend the law on time ensured that the juvenile was out within three years, as the earlier law directed. Is there not such a thing as responsibility towards society? Why should someone who committed such a heinous crime be released, even if he was underage? Such rage and hate towards the offenders boiled within the nation that it was blinded to see ways to let off steam.

The Congress has never been a great administrator. Corruption crawling through its very veins, Congress spokespersons have turned every TV debate into shouting matches, either shouting incoherently or fuming without a reason; both were almost always done to drown out the voice of other panelists on the shows. They have, time and again, proven their inability to provide justification to their every act. And how can we forget their self-righteous acts of showing nonexistent national heroism? They demanded results from the Prime Minister in mere months of being in power while decades of their being in power showed no results. To add to their already vast humiliation, their “Pappu” constantly put them in a soup and is still the butt of myriad jokes across the country.

In addition to the aforementioned, there was one other party that blew its trumpets one way and walked down the opposite route. Showing moral justification on certain issues only showed their true colors. Joining hands with the (in) famous Bihari politicians, hugging them and then giving a shady explanation; let us say it was never going to be a wise move. Calling the Prime Minister names and yelling at the media at press conferences are, I think, AAP’s only claim to fame. In addition to this, I cannot help but notice how chubbier their Chief Minister has gotten since the time he ascended the state throne in Delhi.

We lost Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam along with many other eminent personalities this last year. But we will always remember them with the fondness and the respect that they deserve.

The positivity that some events in 2015 brought within us can be taken forward into the New Year and spun into inspiration for every one of us. Multiple satellite launches, barely given enough coverage by our media, has proven our might, telling the world quite calmly that we are now a force to be reckoned with. Strengthening our bonds with countries across the world and putting even more clearly on the map, was our Prime Minister, with his extensive visits and charismatic and hard-hitting extempore.

There are many other national news that captured our attention, shocked us, made us look in consternation and brought to light the path on which the “sickulars” are leading India. But should we start the New Year with such a grave outlook towards life? Can we not dwell on the positives from 2015 and take them forward? Would it be such a bad thing to remember the negatives, just so that we can be wary of such occurrences in the future?

On the personal front, 2015 was a good year. I took a vacation abroad, left my job for my passion and now am watching a dream come true. And I can only look forward eagerly, to the 366 days that 2016 offers and hope that most of them will be happy.

In the end, I have only one thing to say: 2016, please don’t prove me wrong!




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