And You Call Us Intolerant!

In times of problems, for instance, the current Chennai floods, people are coming out and offering their homes as shelters to others stranded in the rain. In such times, humanity is awakening in every form to bring the city as much relief as is possible during the floods. Amidst such humble gestures, a section of the country is still on about intolerance?

We help each other in times of natural calamities.

We stand for hours in traffic signals.

We avoid bad roads by taking alternate routes.

We watch people empty their paan-filled mouths on the roads. We swerve around spit stains on roads without doing anything about it.

We watch trees being cut down.

We watch kids beg at intersections.

We watch spouses beating each other up and get away from there, saying it is not our problem. Ye toh unke ghar ka maamla hai.

We hear news of girls and women getting raped and listen to how it is her fault.

We hear news of boys and men getting raped but dismiss it. It is just not possible, we think.

We watch ministers foul-mouthing the poor victims and say nothing.

We watch juveniles go scot-free even after committing heinous crimes. Why scot-free? Because they are UNDER-AGE. They are just immature.

We watch farmers who give us food commit suicide day after day.

We watch politicians make promises and tear them down every single term.

We like to give the police a wide berth. The fear. Because, they are policemen.

We watch blatant corruption every single day. Yet, we vote for the same people every five years. Why? Because we have to. So the idea becomes let-us-choose-between-the-lesser-of-the-two-evils.

We do not report harassment at work. Because career growth.

We watch people die of diseases that can be prevented.

We watch the love of our life become someone else’s.

We allow ourselves to be married off as children.

We allow dowry.

We allow women to be discriminated while they are menstruating.

We allow men to be accused of just about anything, just because they are men. Just because a section of them have behaved in ways that caused irrational mud-slinging at the larger, better section.

We provide a haven to everyone in the country, irrespective of religion.

We give them what they want.

We speak out against sentences handed to terrorists. Because humanity.

We allow the media to selectively cover statements made by celebrities.

We allow the media a free hand in how news reaches us.

We walk through dusty roads and polluted cities as though pollution was an absolutely normal phenomenon.

We allow politicians to make governing of the country a family business.

We allow lewd comments against women and instead of shutting the ruffians up, we begin to avoid those places.

We allow discrimination against the LGBT community and support casteism.

We are such an accommodating nation. And you call us intolerant?02-12-2015 - And You Call Us Intolerant!

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P.S. Sarcasm is a wonderful companion of truth.


4 thoughts on “And You Call Us Intolerant!

  1. What is this anti-climax!? Does it appear justified? No, Not, Absolutely never!

    We have been tolerating and accepting so many absurdities as enumerated by you as if they are part of ongoing events in the path of our progressing nation. Then why to get ourselves upset over a trivial matter, deliberately brought to the limelight by a few anti-nationals?

    Moreover, to the team carrying the corpse of an elephant, the weight of its tail doesn’t/shouldn’t bother much! Needless to emphasize, the tail is the intolerance!


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