Why Santorini Could Be The Perfect Getaway For Me

There are probably millions of things that would bring me down. For instance, crowds. Oh, God! They give me a headache. People jostling for space, elbowing others out of the way and speaking continuously for hours together are just the stereotypical faces of a “crowd”. But a crowd is also when a large hall, enough to seat ten thousand people, is actually filled with ten thousand people. The more the number of people, the more the buzz, the more the headache. Yes, crowds can be fun, too, like at a concert or a wedding or a night’s clubbing. But fun cannot always be equated to being at peace with oneself. My point is, it is difficult to gain peace in this crowded, chaotic world.

So how can you actually overcome the difficulty? How can you escape the din and the monotony of everyday life? And for how long can you do that? Answers to these questions are varied, vague and blurry. But I think I know how I can overcome it, given the chance and the time, both of which are a little hard to find.

My ideal getaway from the noise would be a quiet weekend at home, doing nothing, sleeping in all day long, reading an awesome book, watching TV or movies on my laptop, writing poems or blogs, lounging about, munching on snacks or just lying down staring at the ceiling. But since that is impossible (I am a very restless woman – woman, can you believe it? Where did my childhood go?!), and newer dreams have already invaded my psyche ever since I took one look at a description and a picture posted on a blog about this wonderful Greek island that is the subject of this blog, I think I know what would be the perfect getaway from the crowd for me.


Santorini. I have only read about it and seen its pictures. I admit I have not read extensively, but I do have an explanation for it. It is captivating and mind-numbingly beautiful, so much that the very thought of finding something that will put me off is revolting (not that I will, though). There are so many reasons Santorini is a dream destination for me. For one, there wouldn’t be any crowd at the top of the island where I am standing with a bar of chocolate (Can’t help it!) in my hand and gazing out into the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. There wouldn’t be work pressure to pester me to do this and do that. There would be pools of clear water behind me as I let my mind wander wherever it wants to, without any distraction. An analogy, perhaps. As I turn around and gaze at the white walls of the beautiful island, be it Oia, Akrotiri or Imerovigli, the domes of the buildings come more into focus, allowing the eyes to feast on the sight.

Walking through the streets, taking the bus from one end of the municipality to the other and laying eyes on the finest sights: just the thought brings me peace. And I cannot wait to set foot on those islands to actually experience it, instead of just dreaming and writing blogs about it. Just imagining the peace when I find out that there is no dependency on anything or anyone gives me goose bumps. All I need to do is what I want to do. All I am going to do is follow the instructions despite not understanding a word of what people around me are saying. I’ll learn numbers, I’ll learn the basic courtesies and bam! I have a world of my own!

White represents serenity, doesn’t it? It also represents a beginning. Maybe in my case, a new one. Where I leave all the old mayhem and spin my life into what I want it to be instead of going on the journey that I chose to be on. Maybe Santorini, with all its white walls and blue domes will be to me what the open air was to Andy Dufresne. Maybe Santorini will forever remind me that nothing is unachievable, only thing I need is a break, time and again. And that is exactly why Santorini will forever remain a perfect getaway for me, even if I cannot go back there again and again and again, love as I might.

Picture Courtesy: wallpaper.ae


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