We Are With You, Nepal!

Immense tragedies have rocked the world

Serving disasters, that so noisily unfurled

How can man know what destiny doles out?

How can he save himself and the whole crowd?

Can he escape from the littlest of dooms?

Where can he go, to which of the world’s rooms?

How can make out how with anger He shakes?

How can he pacify the Earth’s rumbling quakes?

Thousands of people eaten up by Earth’s core

Leaving their families, heartbroken and sore

There is nowhere you can go to escape the death penalty

Other than having the hope of fleeing the monstrous calamity

Tears and hiccoughs that accentuate the thousands of faces

Sympathies and empathies that run through the world’s races

They can now be found aplenty, on thousands of faces and hearts

But you can never know how the tragedy actually starts

Rocking the nation that houses the mighty mountains

The Earth takes no pity, be it common men or chieftains

But as the world watches with shocked faces, the mountains’ thunderous fall

They echo in unison, “We are with you Nepal!”

28-04-2015 - We Are With You Nepal!

Picture Courtesy: http://www.ndtv.com


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