How Different Will 2015 Be?

Yes, 2015 has begun, bringing with it truckloads of expectations, resolutions, happiness and a hope to diminish the sorrows. Left, right and center, there are people wishing each other a Happy New Year. I have done so myself. But how can we make sure that the wished Happy New Year indeed turns out to be a Happy New Year? Will we be able to put aside the hypocrisy and treat everyone the way we would love to be treated? Will we be able to practise what we preach?


Will women be able to walk safely on dark, deserted streets alone?

At ten in the night, without the catcalling, without the fear of the unknown?

Will people understand that not all men that are rough-looking and hairy

Are axe-murderers, are out to get you, not all of them are scary?

Will we help the poor like we advocate on social networking sites?

Or just throw them a fleeting glance and zoom away from the traffic lights?

Will we do something to help ourselves breathe easier?

Or just shake our heads as our surroundings get greasier?

Will we understand that our children have numerous ways to grow?

Or will we just make them take the same old classes, with dreams of cars and bungalows?

Will we silently nod in agreement when a boy’s family demands something?

Or will we realize that marrying off a daughter in meek agreement is not triumphing?

Will we treat a social worker better than we treat movie stars?

Or will we forget all about his good work and remember just his scars?

Will we just remember the helmets, the bats, the balls and the wicket?

Or will we long-lastingly start honoring so many games other than cricket?

Will we honor the many soldiers who lay down their lives for the country?

Or will the processions be for people who spent their lives not-so-humbly?

Will we treat our daughters-in-law the way we treat our daughters?

Or will we just get our sons married so that they can test the waters?

Will we finally abolish the hypocrisy that is so embedded in our systems?

Or will we still languish in the beliefs that will make us question our existence?

Will we send terrorists to the gallows on time before they can relish their jail time?

Or will we just keep throwing case dates forward and let them treat us like slime?

Will we realize that a person’s behavior and their acts actually build their reputation?

Or will we just hang on to the fact the caste, creed and color are enough to judge a person?

Will we realize that all we need for our sons and daughters are soulful life partners?

Or will we just continue to squabble like monkeys over food in a larder?

Will we treat women the way we treat our countrymen?

Or will we put them behind unseen bars, like soundless, cooped up hen?

Will we respect ourselves more than we respect the views of society?

Or will we be scared of what the world thinks of us in our shackled sobriety?

Will we realize that what we need is to break some filthy stereotypes?

Or will we just lie back and watch as people build more boring archetypes?

Will we finally realize that friendships and relations are important for us to last?

Or will we let the remains of those threads silently let us drift apart?

Will we let new avenues make us forget the roots that built the present “us”?

Or will we go back at times, in time, and dig up those happy treasures?

Will we finally realize that what we first need is for ourselves to be happy?

Let the world go to hell, let it rot, let it be grumpy and catty!

Will we start in a positive direction that will build us a new, beautiful way?

Despite us holding on to the knowledge that Rome was not built in a day?

So on such thoughts let’s work to get answers and change what has been,

Let’s ponder about all the above and strive to make a better 2015!

06-01-2015 - How Different Will 2015 Be

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