Will The Heart Fulfil Its Dreams?

Forgetting the heartbreaks of the year gone past,

The heart hopes that the newest strengths will forever last.

The eyes open slightly to the fresh light of the New Year,

But the air is the same, only mixing with an unknown fear.

A fear of what is to come, of what is yet to happen,

Of those negatives to lessen and the positives to sharpen.

The fear of the unknown sharpens its revengeful claws,

To raise to the fore, the heart’s fatal flaws.

What is to come, what’s the world yet to show?

How many more feelings are yet to silently grow?

How many more feelings are yet to silently grow?

Only to be laundered off and silently mowed?

What has destiny, for the heart, kept ready to offer?

But what has it in mind to take back against what it proffers?

How many smiles will it willingly put on the face?

How many tears will it send gushing down to race?

With questions buzzing in the innermost recesses,

The feet finally touch the floor, reeling against the unsure guesses.

How many mysteries will life, for the heart, unravel?

Will the heart fulfil its dreams, will it finally travel?


One thought on “Will The Heart Fulfil Its Dreams?

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