Those who killed those innocent souls

You’ll rot in hell, that will be what destiny doles,

Carrying out such dastardly acts,

Let me tell you a few hard-hitting facts,

You are no human, you are no soldier,

Just cowards, waiting to get older,

Splattering innocent blood in the name of religion,

You need blows to your heads with a battering bludgeon.

Which God is it who commands you to kill?

Does revenge count as one type of sin?

You have lost every inch of your teeny, tiny, sanity,

By launching this attack against the tenets of humanity!

You made innocents see splotchy, fiery red,

You will never be forgiven the grieving tears shed!

You say you did this for your family, for your mothers,

But how did you not see the pain of the sisters and brothers?

Horrifying, brutal and terrifyingly gruesome,

How could you look in the mirror and call yourself human?

Cowards, the lot of you, cowards you’ll die,

Even the devil shivers from your act in fright!

17-12-2014 - Dastards

Picture Courtesy: holyspiritrevolution.com


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