Why You Need To Travel Solo At Least Once In Your Life

Traveling in itself is a joy that not everyone likes to experience. For people who love traveling, the journey and the exploration bring them so much joy and exhilaration that they forget all the stress that awaits them back home. It helps them fall in love: with new places, new cultures, new cuisines and new landscapes. It is this falling-in-love phenomenon that is most important in a person’s life, especially if the object of the person’s affection is the person herself.

Traveling solo is a joy that helps you realize so many things about yourself. In addition to the exploration of the varied lands and cultures on Earth, it helps you explore yourself: your positives, your negatives, your strengths, your weaknesses, your capabilities, your handicaps! It helps you introspect about your decisions and about everything that you decided to bring into your life. It helps you improve your organizational skills and heightens your decision-making abilities. It builds on your strengths and gradually demolishes your fears. In short, it brings out a new you.

When you travel solo, you can be yourself. No dependencies on anybody, no thinking about what everybody else wants to do and no deadlines to adhere to if you choose to do so. You get to get up when you want to, you get to wander at your heart’s will and you can eat wherever you choose to. There is nothing whatsoever that will stop you from listening to yourself.

But are these external factors the only ones that will help you while traveling solo? No. That’s because, now that you are traveling alone, you have to decide all the logistics of the trip that you will be going on. And this will make you a better organizer. For how else will you be able to go on that trip if not for your awesome organizational capabilities? You are the only one responsible for any successful outings or any disasters. It gives you a sense of responsibility. You cannot blame anybody else for your disasters and it will give you the experience that will show up in your future endeavors.

Above everything else, traveling alone gives you a sense of peace. It makes you discover what you actually want. You can have conversations with yourself, weigh out the pros and cons of anything that you are trying to decide and arrive at a decision, knowing completely that that decision is yours and yours alone, pure and uninfluenced by anybody else throwing their thoughts into the equation.

People give me a weird look or reaction when I say I want to travel alone. They do not understand why I say so. They say I’m mad to want to go solo, as though there weren’t enough people on the planet and around me to go with. But like I mentioned above, traveling alone is not everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe I enjoy my company and that is precisely why I prefer to travel alone.

This blog post might have been a little premature when it was written, as I hadn’t yet embarked on a solo journey at the time, but I have had the pleasure to do so since and to enjoy every moment of the time I had to myself. And I cannot wait to set foot forward to go on another similarly beautiful expedition!

Until the next post, Adios y vivir una vida buena!

25-10-2014 - Why You Need To Travel Solo At Least Once In Your Life

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.com


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