The World is a Paradox!

The world is a weird place and also made up of paradoxes, effectively making it a paradox unto itself. So can we say that the world is a weird paradox? Maybe, maybe not.

Consider this. What do you tell someone who is venturing into doing something new for the first time and which involves a lot of communication with all sorts of people? Does it ring a bell? Yes. We say, “Be careful! It’s a big, bad world out there!” And what do you say when you meet someone and you have a mutual acquaintance with that someone? Yes, I know it’s at the tip of your tongue! Come on! Yes. We say, “You know her? It’s such a small world!” Double standards or what?

Well, this post might seem a little pessimistic, but I assure you that I am just trying to point out that you can never take anything in the world at face value. You need to be insightful and smart enough to see through the paradoxes and separate the true from the untrue. How hard is it for people to stick to one point of view and not digress from it?

Let me tell you. It is very hard. For the world, like many would try and optimistically say, is not a single unit. It is made up of multiple units, which in turn are made up of many more such sub-units. And we, the individuals, acting as those sub-units, can never be in agreement with each other. Why is that? Basically because of our egos. Our big, fat human egos. However much we deny the domination of that trait over us, we cannot deny that its mere existence is enough to bring out our inner demons and push against the whole.

So why is it that paradoxes hound us in a world where we strain to stay sane? Is it because the world itself is an oxymoron? Or is it because of us puny mortals and our proclivity to getting our way as opposed to the larger goal of the world? One can never know, because there is nothing as a puny mortal. Each is a giant in their own way. Yet, when you look at the larger picture, you know that you are nothing but a tiny speck in the vast, dimensionless universe.

Oh, wait.

Yes, that’s right. A paradox.

It’s true. I am obsessed with paradoxes. You don’t know it but you are too. The world is. So why not revel in the mood swings that the world provides you for as long as your heart allows you to? It’s like you are watching the varying colors of the blue and green. And if you like it, keep the experience. If not, just stay calm until the next paradox comes on. It’s your life, your choice. Unless you live in a society where what the society deems acceptable is more important than what you deem acceptable, so you don’t have a choice.

Oh God! Enough with the paradoxes already! It’s making my head spin!

12-10-2014 - The World is a Paradox

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