Ramblings of a Reminiscent Mind

There are primarily two differences between childhood and adulthood. One is that you grow emotionally, mentally and physically. Second is that as a child, you always wanted to grow up, but now that you are grown and are living your dream life (that of an adult), you realize the number of responsibilities, the pains, the losses and the stupid drama that unfolds every day and you want to go back to being a child. ‘What exactly happens in these few years?’ one would ask.

As a child, you thought of your parents as money-vending machines. You watched them as they sometimes smilingly gave you everything you asked for and on some other occasions, put their foot down and refuse. You thought they were being stingy. Where was all that money going anyway? You stomped your feet, cried and made a fuss, thinking that parents were supposed to fulfil your every wish and that you HAD to have whatever you were stirring up a storm for. But riddle me this. How long was that toy or book going to last? An hour? A day? Two days?

As you grow up and become an adult, you slowly begin to understand why your parents did what they did. Money is scarce. You don’t even know where all that money is going, come to think of it. In dire conditions, you go back to your parents and ask them for money. Taxes, rents if you’re living outside your hometown, EMIs and what not! It’s a hard game, this friggin’ life! Why didn’t anybody tell you how it was going to be? And why were you living in such Utopian dreams all these days?

When all these matters fall on to your shoulders, you begin to wish that you had never grown up at all. The most that you had to worry about in those days was why Cartoon Network didn’t air anymore and what would happen the next day at school if the class teacher found out that you hadn’t done your homework.

Why did Life go and tangle itself up? Why couldn’t Life still be as easy as ABC? Why couldn’t we just go to school, have fun, go home, do our homework and play? Why?

The answer is simple.

There’s a reason why it’s called “Life”. It happens.

And also. If you were speeding up the process by wishing for things to get on as quickly as was naturally possible, then that’s Life, too. It gives you what you want. Except money, maybe.

So remember. For anything in the world.

You asked for it.


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