The man gazed at the skies in wide-eyed amazement,

And wondered what lay beyond the vastness,

Beyond the blue, beyond the clouded encasements,

Was it colorful beauty or was there unending blackness?


His lively contemplations brought him no rest,

He tossed and turned in the dreary night,

He was completely overwhelmed and powerfully impressed,

His aspirations blossomed with all their might.


So he passed down his knowledge to his future generations,

Who strived to fulfil their progenitor’s dream,

Diversity in their cultures did not lessen their veneration,

But the Red Planet was now in focus, now it suddenly seemed.


They spent billions of dollars for a chance to circle Mars,

Exploring the neighbor was now an important mission,

They spent days and nights, working into late hours,

And successfully gained international recognition.


Picture Courtesy:  ISRO’s Mars Orbiter’s Twitter Page (@MarsOrbiter)


Then from India came the rich, cultured tribe,

They made Mars possible in a tenth of those billions of dollars,

They went about their work quietly, no diatribes,

Only in success did they positively holler.

They brought pride to a nation of a billion and a quarter people,

They were now on par with the rest, they were now equal,

They made the Mars Mission immensely important to the Indian Human,

They named it after the planet itself, they named it Mangalyaan.


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