My List of 15 Must-Visit Places Outside India

Not all those who wander are lost. – J.R.R. Tolkein

There are many things that give a person peace. Music, writing, friends, movies, etc. The list is endless. But there is one particular section of people who find peace in traveling and roaming the world. Seeing new places and learning about new cultures gives them happiness. Within this section is another small one. One that does not want interaction, but just finds happiness in soaking up the new atmosphere and the pure air. One that has dreams of having just their solitude for company as they travel and see new places.

I can happily say that I belong to the latter section of people. I have dreams of roaming the world. I have dreams of lapping up the experience of wandering to beautiful places. And there are a few that have caught my eye. Those that make me sigh as I look at pictures of them. Those that make me dream of setting foot in those areas. The list is never-ending. So, I have listed the top fifteen places outside of India on my must-visit list. Their beauty is enchanting and I have made visiting them a top task on my to-do list. J

  1. Tianzi Mountains, China

The wisps of clouds surrounding the steep edifices of rock jutting out of the earth makes me wonder how I would feel if I was standing at a vantage point and looking down at all the greenery snaking around those peaks.


Picture Courtesy:

  1. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

There is something about the sand colored walls of the canyon that zigzag in a wonderfully artistic fashion and lets the light in, in the form of straight beams that catches my attention.

DCF 1.0

Picture Courtesy:

  1. Bora Bora, France

Blue waters, huts, greenery, solitude. What else could enhance solitude and give it meaning than the soothing coolness of the blue waters?

bora bora

Picture Courtesy:

  1. Aogashima Volcano, Japan

You might crinkle your nose at first look. But the idea of standing on the lush green sides and looking upon the smoke billowing from the volcano gives me an immense rush.

aogashima volcano japan

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  1. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

Backpacking across the road covered with branches of trees to which lush greenery clings, while listening to soothing music, and skipping and hopping as though I don’t have a care in the world. Wow!


Picture Courtesy:

  1. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

At first look, this place looked pretty simple to me. But the architecture and the cobbled streets gradually grew on me, grabbing a place on my list of must-visit places.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Sieberstor(links) und Koboltor (rechts)

Picture Courtesy:

  1. Sea Cave, Malta

Sands, surrounded by the shades of the towering seaside rocks, the cool waters and the lilting sound of the waves lapping on the sand in the light sunlight. This is what I visualize when I think of Malta.

sea cave malta

Picture Courtesy:

  1. Saint Lucia, Caribbean Islands

The beaches of Saint Lucia surrounded by the lush greenery and the waters of the ocean bring to my mind a feeling of awe. I think of how wonderful it would be to sit on a reclining chair on the beach and read a book, occasionally looking down upon the dancing waves.

st lucia sugar-beach

Picture Courtesy:

  1. Bamboo Forest, Japan

This might be an unusual choice, but one look at the path amidst the tall bamboo trees that give me a feeling of peace and serenity, made my decision for me.


Picture Courtesy:

  1. Sea Cliffs, Etretat, France

It has cliffs. It has beaches. It has the cool waters to wash away your tiredness. I picture myself standing atop the cliff and looking out over the waters, hands on hips, with a feeling of achievement. Yes, the feeling is extremely wonderful!


Picture Courtesy:

  1. Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

It is similar to the cave in Malta, but this caught my attention at a higher degree, the trees peeping out of the rock formations, the wisps of cloud floating in the distance and the thin layers of water at my feet. My imagination went into overdrive, visualizing all this and a sense of calm and happiness descended on me.

cathedral cove NZ

Picture Courtesy:

  1. Faroe Islands, Denmark

Tales of gore and cruelty on dolphins and sharks in Denmark might reach your ears, but there are places where you can actually look out to the skies and look down into the waters and feel an amazing sense of peace, for these places are as far out of the circle of cruelty as possible.

faroe islands denmark

Picture Courtesy:

  1. Positano, Almafi Coast, Italy

Mountains in the backdrop and wonderful lighting that makes the city glimmer. Oh, to top it all, a scenic view of the Sea that brings my heart to a standstill every time I look at these pictures.


Picture Courtesy:

  1. Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Who does not want to live above the clouds, if even for a few hours? And about how I felt when I first set eyes on this sight? The picture says it all.


Picture Courtesy:

  1. Santorini, Greece

I am obsessed with this place. Ever since I saw this place, I have made plans to take off to this wonderful place. Of walking through its streets, of having that peace that only colors like white can give you. But then certain essentials come to mind and poof! There go the dreams. Yes, this tops my list! I will go there some day! And yes, I am obsessed with this place.


Picture Courtesy:

That’s my list of 15 must-visit places outside of India. Until next time, keep smiling, be happy and keep traveling!


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