20 Things You Do or Realize in Your Mid-Twenties

Once you hit a certain age, you realize a lot of things and start doing a lot of things. I have read a lot of articles that I found apt. On those same lines, I decided to share my own views on the “intricacies” of living out the mid-twenties. Here you go:

    1. Promises are not forever.1-promise
    1. People will not have time for easy conversations anymore. It’s all just a rushed muddle.
    1. You realize that if you don’t matter to yourself, you don’t matter to anybody else.3-matter
    1. Hurt is the only constant in your stagnant life. If you want something to not hurt you, then you’ll just have to avoid the topic.4-hurt
    1. You never wanted to come to this point in life treading the path you have tread.5 - path
    1. Your heart is telling you to do something that might sound impractical, but completely awesome.6 - heart
    1. Spending money is easy, earning it is so damn hard!7 - money
    1. Priorities change. Drastically.8 - priorities
    1. Falling in love? What’s that?9 - love
    1. You start fattening up. All that fatty food to reduce your depressions is getting to you.10 - fat
    1. Solitude is good. Loneliness among people is not as bad as loneliness with yourself.11 - solitude
    1. You’ll feel that you are at the bottom of the social ladder sometimes.12 - social ladder
    1. Thinking and planning to exercise is easy. But by God! Implementing it is not so!13 - exercise
    1. TV shows were never so interesting.14 - TV
    1. “Follow your heart.” Easier said than done.15 - follow heart
    1. People will not acknowledge you all the time. Get over yourself.16 - acknowledge
    1. Sometimes all you need is someone to listen to you, hug you and say, “I understand.” No questions asked. No thoughtful stares. No solutions offered.17 - hug
    1. You suddenly see new meanings to proverbs that you have known since childhood.18 - proverb
    1. Every Sunday evening, you start waiting for Friday to come (back).19 - friday
    1. You love the idea of a vacation. For actually taking a vacation is a long shot.20 - vacation


A little bitter, yes. True, nevertheless. 🙂

Happy Twenties! 🙂

GIF Courtesy: giphy.com


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