Opinion – What is Yours?

04-03-2014 - Opinion - What is Yours

Well, putting down your opinion about something can be quite danger-inviting sometimes. But are there any topics that can be discussed about on neutral grounds? People might say there are. But on the contrary, you could get sucked into something deep and inflammatory in the most innocent of situations. Can you wriggle your way out? Yes, definitely, if you have the presence of mind. But you will be in a tight spot if the person you are up against is a tough nut to crack.

There seem to be many buts in the introduction to this small article, but I assure you, this is purely my opinion. There it goes. I just hope I don’t fall into trouble over this. Ironic, isn’t it?

Let’s take for example, that you are sitting in a bus with your friend and your conversation suddenly turns towards a movie, say, the upcoming Two States. The girl is a Tamilian and the boy is a Punjabi. But really. You say that you don’t like something that is typical of Tamilians and your friend, in response to your mildly derisive attack on the people of the state, responds and voices his/her opinion of Punjabis. And by sheer luck, or should I say, misfortune, a Tamilian is sitting right in front of you and happens to turn around and glare the living daylights out of you. While on the other hand, a “hatta-katta” Punjabi is standing right beside your friend and is also glaring right at the two of you. One look at him and you know that his intentions are not just to shower mild berating glares at the two of you. One gulp at the expressions on both their faces have you wriggling out of your seats and heading hurriedly and clumsily towards the nearest exit.

So what did you learn from this?

Let me tell you. You learnt that keeping your mouth shut is not always a bad option. Or that when you are in public, you have to be discreet about your opinions on subjects that can affect others. So, if you cannot say anything nice about people, then don’t say anything at all. At least you can keep your opinion to yourself and maintain the harmony in the situation instead of getting beaten to a pulp. And yes, you can save yourself from the embarrassment and humiliation that comes along with being caught in the act of derogating someone or something or some place.

All I can say is: Keep calm and keep your opinions to yourself in times like these. Don’t be a racist. For who knows. Karma can walk up to you and punch you in the face and you wouldn’t be able to comprehend the reasons behind your reeling head.

P.S. This is a purely light-minded read. Do not intend to hurt any particular section’s sentiments by this.

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