Will Your Willpower Survive?

As those dreams of yore drift away into the fog of the oncoming winter, as the wishes that are yet to be fulfilled stay holed up in the deepest confines of the heart, as the onset of the chill numbs any emotions that might be laid bare, you cannot help but hope for a tiny ray of sunshine that will pierce through the fog and set fire to the hearths of a few homes in need. But for how long will the sunshine last? And till when will the hope for the enlightening sunshine sustain itself?

The answer lies within yourself. The hope will be extinguished only if your will weakens. Your will, which, at other times, maintains a stranglehold on your aims, ambitions and wishes, brings to dust the pillars of the temples of hope that hold up the heart and the mind on dwindling. All you have to do is strengthen that powerhouse and straighten out the facts. And you can feel it bubbling up inside of you.

Your regained willpower and the revived hope, will allow you to wrench your dreams and aspirations from the mist that blocks your vision of the future. A new visualization of the future and the many promises that it holds froths up to the surface and it surprises you with an intensity that you had never thought possible. You look at it in a new sight, as a challenge; that which you had never seen or done earlier.

This new prospect, gives you further hope. A hope that whispers words of encouragement for you to take it to the next level. To break the shackles that bind those hidden wishes and bring them into the sunlight. To warm the heart and help it understand the various moods that accompany the exhilaration of finally breaking out into the open. To bask in the acknowledgement of the heart’s innermost desires. And to know, that you are doing what you always wanted to do, with full acquiescence of your entire being.

Keep the willpower powered. Keep it in you to always plod on, irrespective of what adversities you might face at all points in your journey. For you never know which night might try to darken your world. And this willpower is the one thing that will always lighten your horizons and bring a smile to your face and confidence to your odyssey.

25-12-2013 - Will Your Will-Power Survive

Picture Courtesy: theunboundedspirit.com


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