Distractions: They are sometimes welcome and sometimes annoying. Sometimes, you treat them with an indifference you didn’t know you could dole out and sometimes they are all you want in your life. Sometimes, they cause you pain and sometimes they bring you happiness. But what if I told you, that distractions are the things that keep you alive? That they help you move on with your life? That without them, you would just be staring down a deep chasm? Let me explain.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you are so depressed that all you can do is just think about it and weep. Or sob. There are so many thoughts swirling in your head, so many thoughts that could bring you a notch lower than you could possibly already be. You try to shake them off, shut your eyes tightly and imagine that no worries exist in this world. But it doesn’t work. What do you do? Where do you go? Whom do you turn to? Well, in one particular moment, your prayers are answered, for there is that friend on his/her way to you, to help you forget all the pain. A welcome distraction.

Imagine yourself reading a particularly gripping novel. You are so immersed in it, that you do not want to get up even a bit to do those chores that mankind needs to do. In this instant, imagine the constant ringing of your mobile phone or the constant beeping of an alarm that someone decided to set at the wrong time or the constant blaring of music from the house next to yours. An annoying distraction.

Imagine yourself stuck in a traffic jam, say for a couple of hours. You are watching the vehicles crawl across the road towards the signal at a snail’s pace, listening to music, when there comes on a particularly favorite song of yours. There are intermittent honks by impatient drivers, which at times can be pretty irritating. But you just turn around, give them a passing glance and go back to enjoying your song. A distraction that you can be indifferent to.

Imagine yourself trying to speak normally with friends. You are cracking jokes, laughing and crying tears of happiness, when you are reminded of a similar time that you had at one point in your life with people who would not come back in ways that they were present before. It brings on a piercing pain that none but you can explain or justify. A painful distraction.

Imagine the same person you were hoping to meet just immediately turns up out of the blue, just to give you a surprise. Wouldn’t that bring you oodles of happiness? A happy distraction.

You can either grab a distraction with both hands or throw it away, but there cannot be a time where you can just ignore one. You can be indifferent, yes, but you cannot ignore it. Distractions are the reason why people can actually make it through so much in their lives. I know I do!

Distraction is the only thing that consoles us for miseries and yet it is itself the greatest of our miseries.” – Blaise Pascal


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