A Golden Day

As the sun awakens from its slumber, shaking away the dark blanket cast by the night, the mountains darken, allowing their master to shine, bathing half the world in a flood of light and warmth. The moon slides away obligingly, to allow the sun to rule the day, though taking occasional peeps at the functioning of the empire belonging to the sun.

The horizon shimmers in a flood of golden light: the light that outlines the history of the city, making it look like the halo of an angel gleaming behind the building. The leaves on the trees sway with the gentle breeze that brings its approval of the sun. The twittering of the birds fills the air as they take off one by one into the air.

The river flows in a rush, slapping water onto the pebble-strewn banks. The sapphire-blue water has us imagine that we see through the shallow depths of the river, though the sky never quite gives us the feeling that we can decipher what lies in the infinite depths beyond the vast sheet of blue that we see. Bright, as the day progresses, the sun makes sure we don’t have even the tiniest chance to look up at the sky without protecting our outer eyes. What our outer eyes cannot see, our inner eye can make out: through our dreams because that is what our dreams do; show our reality in an exasperating way.

The sand dunes in the desert, roasted as ever, under the blistering sun, are home to many. Twinkling amidst all the gold, is the oasis, surrounded by palm trees, ejecting into the sky. The smooth surface of the water glints in the bright sunshine but is broken by the ripples created by a camel which just put its tongue into the water to allow it to store some more life for itself.

Moving on from there, into the artificial coolness of the city again, whose houses, many of which have been air-conditioned, are deprived of the health that the sun bestows upon us. Sadly enough, people generate enough heat in lawsuits or petty arguments.

All through his journey from the East to the West, the sun spreads a message of harmony, love and peace, finally resting below the Western horizon, covering himself with the blanket of darkness that he had risen from in the morn. Stars emerge from their heavenly hideouts, blinking cheerfully at the people on the ground.

A young lover endeavors to find the brightly shining moon in the fair face of his lady love as they sit arm in arm, contemplating what lies ahead. He calls her the spotless moon in the ballads that he sings only for her.

Fragrance fills the air as the nocturnal flowers bloom to their fullest extent. A sleepy atmosphere ensues as people finally climb the bed they had deserted early in the morning.

A golden day, thus, passed peacefully, gives everyone the satisfaction of having undergone something as pleasant as the soft, caressing twilight of the sun.



6 thoughts on “A Golden Day

  1. dear sonali i read your article and feels to read it again and again as the description of the nature is so nicely explained i feel i am experiencing it now. continue to pen nice articles which will be memorable to you and the readers like me all the best.


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