Mind Your Thoughts

For a blog titled “The Mind Travelogues”, I find it a little hard to believe that for the amount of thoughts swirling in my head, there are zero ways to actually put them into words. On further musings into the workings of the mind, I find that most thoughts are based solely on the happenings around you. How the crickets chirp in the silence of the night, the light rustle as the fan turns at a moderate speed, the gentle tapping as you crackle away at your laptop, the slight sway of the curtains in the gentle breeze wafting in from the open window, and the sudden thud as a neighbor decides to shake things up a bit in the middle of the night.

The mind is a paradox, glorified by all the people who do not want to believe the same. You think of something at all times, yet you are easily distracted by the workings of the world around you. You are thinking of how someone said something to you that will last with you for the rest of your life, yet you gleefully welcome a distraction that a passing butterfly presents to you. Your thoughts do shift in that moment and all your present energies focus on how the butterfly flitted by, its colors and the freedom that it presents in the nights of despair.

Yet, there is such a compelling quality about the life that your mind builds up for you, that you wish you could delve into the depths of the mind and unearth the beauties that lie beneath it. The mind conjures visions that show hope, peace, friendship and love. And the heart, being the gullible traveler that it is, falls for every vision that the mind has ever shown.

These visions are the reason you tend to get those feared heartbreaks, those from which you do not get off that easily. This could very well be the time where you realize that the root of all these uncertainties and heartbreaks were the thoughts that first evaded your mind. So, as a final good-natured warning to all those out there, I would say: Mind your thoughts, before they mind your heart.


Picture Courtesy: hgamingproduce.blogspot.com


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